Central Phoenix

Grow with Central Phoenix, where the sun almost always shines.

Welcome to Central Phoenix


The sun shines on beautiful Central Phoenix, and the crystal blue waters of the canal sparkle the light back at the city. Living here is something extraordinary. Locals enjoy sprawling estates, modern homes, and custom builds. Home to the historic Phoenix Corridor that initially connected the city's districts, there’s nowhere more prominently in town. It’s a place where community thrives, and comfortable life is easy. The area is constantly growing, and the expansion has provided more for the locals to enjoy.

There are annual events like the Pride Festival and entertainment venues with spectacular sights like the Phoenix Botanical Gardens or the Phoenix Art Museums. Yes, locals love getting outdoors, surrounding themselves with beauty, and connecting. It’s a busy place where one can get lost in the buzz of movement, and there’s still tradition and deep roots here. Pizzeria Bianco has been a staple for residents for more than 30 years and keeps going. That’s just what life’s like here. 

What to Love


Local Lifestyle


Locals love the walkability of Central Phoenix with its abundance of shops and restaurants. The historic area is built on its staples, but it's comfortably growing and inviting to new experiences.

Residents enjoy connecting with nature along the canal, gardens, or zoo. While the area is a haven of activity, the community is welcoming and fun.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping


In part because the sun is almost always shining, the streets are abundant with restaurants, shops, and people. A day in the life here means enjoying a stroll through town, admiring the canal, and getting lost in the city's cornucopia of things to do. 

The atmosphere is never lacking in Central Phoenix. Locals enjoy going out not just for mouth-watering fares or specialty drinks. They venture out from their cooled doorstep for the experience. Fez on Central provides all of the above and so much more for the locals. They sit under the colorful lighting with a dangerously delicious drink in hand and indulge neighbors with stories of their lives. It’s a place to start the night, a place for a quick and tasty bite, and a place to confide with old friends. Fez keeps locals coming back again and again.

Its many staples make a busy place like Central Phoenix all the more comfortable. Locals love that they can count on Chris Bianco to serve them the best pizza this side of New York City at Pizzeria Bianco. Since the 1980s, Chris has taken care of the city, and the city has shown its gratitude for the comfort of those flavors with fierce loyalty.

Things to Do


Living in Central Phoenix means having a busy calendar of events and exciting venues to fill your days all year. It’s a lively place to live the streets glow in the winter with warm sparkling lights and shine in the summer with glorious sun. There’s never a wrong time to be in Central Phoenix. A favorite time of year for many, though, is undoubtedly Phoenix’s Pride Festival. It’s a day of live performances, art, history, pageantry, and much more. The Steele Indian Park truly comes to life for the festival, and so does the town. 

Locals enjoy an array of Arizona vegetation walking through the Phoenix Botanical Gardens. There’s a surreal sense as you take in the cacti towering far overhead, blocking out sunlight, birds fluttering around flowers drinking in the nectar, and a display of lights creating artwork out of the grounds. Enjoying the serene beauty of nature is easy to do in this part of town. The Phoenix Zoo is the largest zoo of its kind in the US. Locals stare in awe at the majestic coat of a leopard as it pounces out of sight. They feel dwarfed by the enormous presence of an elephant and generally take pleasure in family days and friend outings with the well-cared-for animals.

The Phoenix Art Museum has an impressive array of exhibits for spectacular sights in a climate-controlled space. While the ever-changing exhibits bring pictures unseen to locals, the permanent Fireflies Infinity Room is the favorite display. Residents are practically transported to another planet in this glowing forest of fairy lights. 

Travel is made more accessible by the proximity to the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. This accessibility is excellent for business travelers and those who winter in Central Phoenix's fantastic climate. 



The Central Phoenix school district works hard to ensure a quality education is within every student's reach. For elementary school, Central Phoenix is served by Phoenix Elementary School District #1. Students may attend:


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