Biltmore/Camelback Corridor

A life of luxury set in nature and surrounded by adventure.

Welcome to Biltmore and Camelback Corridor


The Biltmore and Camelback Corridor offer the best of Phoenix living. The upscale neighborhoods feature the finest homes and amenities in the area. Enjoy the clean, quaint streets of the suburbs with all the city center's restaurants, bars, and parks. Locals expect a better way of living here, and the neighborhood provides. The area is alive with people, yet it’s bountiful with nature and secluded from the central part of the city. The coveted communities offer the perfect setting to create a home. Residents enjoy historic houses, glamorous highrises, or luxurious estates. Every corner exudes the success of the area.

With local attractions like Camelback Mountain or the Arizona Biltmore, this area attracts tech moguls, thriving business owners, accomplished climbers, and families. 

What to love

Local Lifestyle

Having such a community motivates locals to enjoy the incredible scenery and pursue life’s next big thing. Locals love the great outdoors amenities; they hike steep trails and climb cliff sides. It's not all extreme sports, though. It's days at resorts, afternoons at the pool, and picnics at parks.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

Locals see the best of Phoenix when walking through the pristine streets of Biltmore and the Camelback Corridor. Here residents enjoy the life of beauty and quaintness of suburbia with all the markings of a metropolitan city. They’re away from the crush of people but still in an area overflowing with parks, bars, restaurants, great shops, and thriving businesses. Biltmore Fashion Park is a favorite spot around town to spend an afternoon pursuing endless shopping opportunities and dining at delectable restaurants. 

Blanco Cocina and Cantina, where bountiful plates of authentic Mexican food are served, keep the locals coming back again and again. When they aren’t at the cantina, it’s common for residents to gather together for a meal at The Collins Small Batch Kitchen. Surrounded by brick and wood, they share stories about their week and indulge in a pleasure of the senses. Even the simplest of dishes are made new at Collins.

Enjoying the ambiance is essential to living in Biltmore or Camelback Corridor. It’s a place where the expectations have been placed on a higher bar, and the local businesses have no trouble keeping up. Entering Seasons 52, residents are greeted with mahogany, leather, wine glasses, and warm, glowing light. Elegance permeates every surface and slowly takes hold of the guests, making them feel just as grand. When artistic arrays of culinary confections decorate the beautiful tables, there’s no doubt they’ve come to the right place.

Nowhere else in town serves their guests on a silver platter as well as The Capital Grille. The steak is tender, the oysters are fresh, and the cheese tastes like it was flown here from France. It’s common to see a neighbor celebrating a special moment in the Capital.

Things to Do

Life in the Biltmore or Camelback Corridor isn’t just elegance and beauty; it’s a good time. People around here prioritize entertainment, which shows through all the events that fill their calendars. Even something as simple as a workout can be another kind of experience in these parts. The Echo Canyon features a moderately short trail with a steep climb. Summiting the path not only starts the day off right but keeps residents feeling fit and healthy. Combining a moment with nature and majestic views with your regular workout is just one of the ways life is elevated here.

While major tech companies mark the area, nature remains a significant part of the local lifestyle. Camelback Mountain isn’t just a beautiful backdrop to the landscape. It’s a place to enjoy the surrounding natural habitat. Atop the mountain, residents enjoy total views of the city. Locals ready for the adventure take advantage of rock climbing walls and trails for mountain biking. The suburban area has plenty of options for a quaint day at the park. Children often play at Perry Park, where there’s a public pool, playgrounds, and tree-covered picnic areas.

While the great outdoors indeed call to locals, they also enjoy the more nuanced experiences in life. Arizona Biltmore is a luxurious resort with more amenities than anyone needs, such as crystal clear pools lined with cabanas that wrap the property and invite guests to enjoy themselves. Ornate ceilings cover stone atriums with ornate fireplaces and enough space for everyone's family. The resort doesn’t just entice locals with its impeccable amenities; it sets the standards for the area. It ensures that all the locals get an elevated living experience.


Biltmore and Camelback Corridor know a great neighborhood is made even better by quality education. Students may attend:

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