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The pinnacle of desert living happens in Arcadia.

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Welcome to the most desirable address in Phoenix, where the streets are lined with lush greenery, and the neighborhoods are well established. It’s a quiet retrieve from the busy downtown Phoenix, yet it has all the best food and shopping. Living here means enjoying the best of everything. Residents live in custom houses, large estates, and ranch-style homes that are lush and green with mature vegetation.

Locals love Arcadia for all it has to offer. It’s a place where neighbors know each other and celebrate life’s big moments together. They mark significant holidays with festivals and even make up their reasons to celebrate, like the Annual Neighborhood Picnic. Residents know they have the best shopping and food in Phoenix or Scottsdale. Even grocery shopping is elevated to another experience with places like La Grande Orange. It’s a delectable life filled with the finest offerings and the most picturesque setting.

What to Love


  • Centrally located between Downtown Phoenix, Camelback Mountain, and Scottsdale 
  • The best food in Phoenix of Scottsdale, such as the mouth-watering The Henry
  • Annual festivals for holidays and events like the Annual Neighborhood Picnic
  • Lush and green cityscape with mature vegetation
  • Quiet neighborhood with the most desirable address in Phoenix

Local Lifestyle

Living in the most desirable neighborhood in Scottsdale or Phoenix means enjoying a higher quality of living. Locals love the lush green scenery, getting together for picnics at the parks, and baseball games at the field. They eat at the best restaurants and shop at the most luxurious stores. It's a quiet neighborhood with a friendly community and a welcoming vibe. People of all ages can easily thrive in the quaint streets of Arcadia. 

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

Living amongst the best restaurants and shops in Phoenix has a way of alluring locals onto the streets of Arcadia. They enjoy the backdrop of the Camelback Mountain, and the dazzling downtown sits in front of them. Everything is within reach. On a Sunday morning, residents love to start their week off right with a trip to La Grande Orange. There they enjoy delectable pastries fresh from the oven. The scent of baking bread beckons pedestrians into the shop's doors, where they find an endless array of baked confections, gourmet pizzas, and a menu full of the best breakfast and lunch dishes. After filling their bellies, residents fill their bags with groceries and head out to enjoy a beautiful day.

Walking along Arcadia's lush and green streets, residents know they’ll have a good time. The Henry is a neighborhood haunt with plush tufted leather stools, butcher block countertops, and artisan dishes that meld aesthetic and flavor in perfect harmony. Locals know that things get a little better inside, whether they’re starting their day at The Henry or heading there after work.

For the best drinks in Phoenix, there’s nowhere like The Vig. Residents sit outside in a green oasis listening to a DJ spin as a server brings them expertly crafted cocktails and southwestern bar treats. The beat of the music keeps this place moving, inspiring locals to get up and dance. It’s not just a place for food and drinks; it’s a place to let loose and connect with friends old and new.  

Things to Do

Living in this part of town means enjoying the best of everything in Phoenix. It’s a life of holiday festivals, picnics at pristine parks, golfing, and luxurious resorts like The Phoenician Resort with its endless sapphire waters, sometimes lapping lazily, other times gushing down into sparkling waterfalls. Living so close to the resort means access to amenities such as the golf course, where residents can tee off amongst palm trees and cacti on emerald green grass stretching as far as the eye can see, or melt the tension away with a relaxing massage.

Regarding beautiful outdoor settings, there’s no lack of options in Arcadia. Arcadia Park, for instance, has palm trees lining the sprawling grass, providing shade to the picnic area. Locals love swimming at the pool or getting together for a pickup game at one of the fields. Children's laughter echos from the jungle gym, creating a symphony of happiness. It’s the epitome of the type of life locals enjoy here.

Arcadia living includes a year full of holiday festivals and exciting events like the Annual Neighborhood Picnic. The locals get together to enjoy great food, live music, fun, and games for people of all ages. Special appearances by firefighters and performance groups make the day more remarkable for the neighborhood to enjoy. 


Getting a quality education is easy to do in a place like Arcadia. Students may attend:

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